Most of us want to remove and extract our wisdom teeth for many reasons. We want to get rid of the pain it causes, especially when infections happen. Aside from that, we want to avoid bacteria and food debris in our mouths. Usually, we will have our wisdom teeth when we reach 17 up to 21 years old. After our teeth finished growing, these types of teeth will appear in the end of our gums. During wisdom teeth growth, we will expect that our gums will become sore and will be painful. Since wisdom teeth will grow last, they will not have enough space in our mouths. In this manner, our wisdom teeth will get impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth will make vulnerable gums, and the surface will break.? 


When we have impacted wisdom teeth, our gums and mouth will be prone to gum diseases. Aside from that, infections might occur. In worst cases, abscesses and cysts might happen. They are reasons why we need to deal with our wisdom teeth. We need to extract, remove, and get rid of them as soon as possible. We should not wait for things to become complicated. However, wisdom teeth extraction and removal need professional help. If you think to do it alone, better not. It can cause death. Do not worry because, with?wisdom teeth Reston,?your problems with your wisdom teeth will vanish. You do not need to experience a hassle and discomforting pain.? 

At home, we can find a temporary solution to wisdom teeth pains. But, you need to remember that the best thing to do is to remove them. Here are the remedies that you can find at home: 

If you feel that your gums are extremely painful and dull, you need to apply a numbing gel. All you need to do is to apply the gel directly to the gums. You can buy this gel online or over the counter. Also, you need to follow the instructions and read the ingredients in this gel. Some contents might cause allergies. 

If you observed that you are suffering from inflammation, you must take ibuprofen. With ibuprofen, you will relieve the discomfort your feeling. Also, it will reduce gums inflammation. But, the best thing to do is to seek professionals help afterward. 

An ice pack can also help you with your pain caused by your wisdom teeth. You can put the ice directly to your jaws or put it in the towel. When the pain does not subside, continue putting the ice.? 

Saltwater rinsing can also help you get rid of the bacteria in your mouth. It is one of the ways to disinfect your mouth and remove the bacteria. You can perform this thrice per day or until the pain will subside.? 

You can also use cloves, onions, and tea bags.? 

In addition, we can avoid gum infections when our wisdom teeth grow. We can do the following safety measures: 

  • We need to practice excellent oral hygiene. 
  • Drinking a lot of water can help. 
  • We need to avoid too much sugar intake. 

Furthermore, it is best to look for professional advice to avoid more complications.?